We should not settle for mountains because sky's the limit- Dr Prativa Subedi Interview

Dr. Prativa Subedi is a proud graduate of KIST Medical College, Institute of Medicine. She passed MBBS with 4 gold medals (Overall TU batch topper, Female batch topper , Community Medicine, Pharmacology). She is Charter Secretary Of Rotaract Club of Kist Medical College, Founding Member of Medical Exchange Integration Nepal and Assistant Editor at Europasian Journal of Medical Sciences. Currently she is working as a Medical officer in Rolpa District Hospital. Today we welcome her to share her valuable experiences through her student life and now as a doctor.

 It is a great honor for me to interview such a hardworking, genuine, humble soul whom I look up to and thank you for giving me this opportunity sister despite your busy schedule. 


1. How have you been? How is life as a Medical Officer?


Thank you so much sister. It is indeed my pleasure to get the opportunity to share my experience through your blog. 

Amidst all the chaos of the pandemic, I must say life is going pretty good for me. I am currently working as a Medical officer in Rolpa District Hospital. As someone who was born and brought up in Kathmandu, nobody had expected me to choose a rural district like Rolpa as my workplace during my scholarship bond period. But contrary to the expectations, I always wanted to have an experience of working in a rural set up because I know that  only then I could understand  and embrace the ground reality of the health system of Nepal. It certainly is quite challenging to work in a resource poor setting but at the same time, it is quite fulfilling too. You get immense respect and love from the countrymen.  The transition from an intern to medical officer is beautiful in itself as you make your own clinical judgement and practice independently. Above all, I am really blessed to have such friendly colleagues who make my work so enjoyable despite being hectic.


That is very beautiful to hear from my sister. I can sense passion, kindness, compassion and hardwork in your works. Hearing your words I look forward to working as a medical officer myself. Moving on,


2. Would you like to describe how is life different while working as a medical officer (MO) as compared to working as an intern?


Internship and MOship both have their own charm and challenges. Being an intern is exhilarating because it is your first experience of being a formal  doctor, of being entrusted by the patients. You are full of energy and enthusiasm to work and explore but at the sametime you have someone to guide. You have someone to lean on  when you are unsure of what  you are doing . You are free because you don't have to take the brunt if anything goes wrong. But after being a medical officer, there is heightened responsibility and  you are liable to all that happens to the patient, good or bad. It might not be the case for the medical officers working in tertiary centres where there are consultants too. But for medical officers working in rural Nepal like me where there are medical officers only, treatment depends on our expertise. You become independent and make your own clinical judgement. Although challenging, this gives a different sense of achievement and contentment. Also counseling becomes more important as a medical officer. Patient party dealing and counseling is usually done by consultants in internship. But as medical officers we are the one explaining about patient improvement and prognosis. Thus there is a better rapport and intimacy with patient as well as patient party.


Hearing your words I feel that it is a huge transition from being intern to Medical Officer and I am sure you are doing great on your part as a Medical Officer, sister. Thank you for sharing your views.  Moving on to my favorite question,

3. Being a doctor is a highly respected novel profession and it takes a lot of hard work, patience and skills to earn the title.  So how did you feel the first time when you finally earned the title? Since when have you dreamt of being a doctor? What thoughts made you pursue this field?


Yes indeed, the title of a doctor does not come for granted. It requires much hard work , dedication and sacrifice. Having earned this title after six years of harsh training, sleepless night and toughest exams is a big achievement  for everyone. I was also super happy and proud on the day when I could finally call myself a doctor.

To be honest, being a doctor was not my childhood dream. In fact, I always kept switching my career goals when I had to write an essay on ' Aim of life'. But my parents always wanted me to see me as the first doctor of  our family.I yearned for the smile and pride in my parents face which I could bring with that title. So eventually their dream turned into mine. Moreover I also felt that this was a very noble profession and there could not be a better way  to serve the society.Though I was motivated to become  a doctor from my college days the true passion for medicine  arose only after I got into MBBS.


That is beautiful to hear sister. Indeed, we learn to love more as we get used to of what we are doing,  each day in our journey of life. As it is evident your passion grew as you begin your journey to become a doctor.  Moving on, 

4. You talked about your childhood. Could you please tell us more about you from your school days?


I have been a bright student since my school days. In fact our batch is considered the best batch in our school till date. I and a friend used to have neck to neck competition on getting the first position. We both used to look upon each other and try to improvise ourselves. While I am the university topper in MBBS, she chose to be an architect and is the topper of her college too. I am glad we both have been doing great in our respective fields.

Besides study, I had a keen interest in extracurricular activities. Be it a poem or speech or essay competition, I participated in all of them in both intra and inter school level. Apparently, I look very small by physique but when it came to debating or a speech competition I used to win most of the time. I was therefore often called " Little dynamite".


How cute a nickname it is. Yes, it reminds me the first time I saw you in a debate competition, I was mesmerized by your delivery. You have been excelling wherever you go since your childhood sister.  It makes me want to know about your college days as well. 

5. Could you tell me more about your college days?


I am the first batch of Nepal Mega College. I was the entrance topper there and also the topper in all internal exams. Being a topper student , moreover of the first batch, I was highly pampered by the teachers in my college. In fact I feel so honored and glad that even after six years of finishing college, that I am still invited over in college programs every year for delivering  motivational speech to my fellow juniors. 

Amongst most of my college friends, I am best known for my speech in our own orientation day. Many of them, when they meet me somewhere, start the conversation with   "Go Mega Go" , the closing phrase of my speech.


You never fail to amaze me sister. It reminds us of how consistent you have been starting from your early days till now. Moving on to the entrance examination days. 


6. Entrance examinations are the toughest period in the student life. Could you tell your experience during those days?


During our time, SLC was considered an iron gate and much hyped. But eventually we realized Plus 2 exam is tougher and MBBS is even more tough. Excelling among thousands of aspirant examinees and making into the top few places is definitely a hard nut to crack. When I missed IoM scholarship by 2 marks, I was really saddened. But I had the MoE exam in around 3 months and I knew I could not let my disappointment spoil my exam this time. I studied harder , planned my study routine better. As the exam days approached, my anxiety level also heightened. " What if , I can't make it ", such thoughts were so disturbing. But then I would pacify myself and try to focus on the process rather than result. And when I finally saw my name on 20th rank in the MoE exam result I was on cloud nine. Finally, the door  to being a doctor opened and the very cherished dream was on the verge of coming true. I valued this achievement more than any of my achievements till that date. Maybe because it did not come handy and it did not come in the first place. Success after failure is more joyous and beautiful.


I loved your words “Success after failure is more joyous and beautiful” as you yourself didn't give up after first try and now you made your dream into reality.

7. As some of our readers are going through the same phase what would you like to suggest as a senior?

Dear fellow juniors, I know this period is quite worrisome. But you ought to have an eye of optimism. If you are truly passionate about something , then sooner or later you will definitely achieve it. Give your hundred percent in terms of preparation .Believe in your potential, believe that you can. When you believe in yourself, you are already halfway there. Someone might encourage you while somebody else might discourage you, let both the energy motivate you to your goal.

Patience and perseverance are the key. You may fail, maybe fail multiple times. But let your failures help you grow. Take your failures not as stumbling blocks but as stepping stone to your success.


Indeed we all are afraid of failure but as you said take your failures not as stumbling blocks but as a stepping stone to your success. Very beautiful thought. Moving on,

8. What was your first reaction when you went to university? How was your first day in the university?


 After finally having achieved that feat of making through the entrance exam, I always wondered what medical school would be like. So I was super excited on the first day for the new beginning. Maybe it was not as grand as I imagined, but there was a different sense of joy and accomplishment as a medical student. As the MoE exam is usually a little late, I had already missed two weeks when I joined college. I remember the first day where I was new to the class but still chose to stay in the first bench. Beginning from the first day itself, I have been a first bencher throughout five years of my university which explains I am quite a nerd. Since I and my friends from MoE were late, I wondered if we could  get along with other fellow batchmates. But they were also kind enough so that I could easily sink in.


How sweet is it to hear. I also love sitting on the First bench that way you can hear more of what teachers say.


9. Moving on, you talked in brief about your first day. Would you like to tell more in detail how the 6 years of your life in university went? 


We should not settle for mountains because sky's the limit- Dr Prativa Subedi Interview

As I reflect upon my university these days, I feel that it was indeed a great one, be it terms of study or friendship or extracurricular activities. I am quite an ambitious person who does not want to settle as a mediocre. But to be honest, I had not set any target initially. But when I became the class topper in the First examination ( General) , it automatically heightened the expectation of my family, my teachers and of course my own. I kept pushing myself. By my hard work and God's grace, I succeeded to maintain the consistency throughout the year. But what was surprising was the result of our final university exam in first year. I turned out to be the university topper. This was something I had actually not dreamt of. I was super excited but at the same time kind of pressurized because I had a legacy to continue. Maybe that's why exams used to be extremely stressful for me. With every exam, I used to be worried to the extreme. But thankfully, the results were always good. When I came to be the overall university topper of my batch with four gold medals, it was definitely a big achievement for me, in fact the biggest till date. However, I was not as shocked as I was in first year, because deep down this was something I had been dreaming for 5 years. Besides study, I became the Charter Secretary of Rotaract Club of Kist Medical College and was very active in Rotaract throughout. It gave me an opportunity to explore myself and expand my circle. The best part of the university is also the friendship  I earned. I happened to be roommates with a friend who was and in fact is still my best friend. She was my biggest support system , who constantly inspired me to be a better version of myself. In a world where people tend to pull others' legs so that they could march ahead in life, Bharti is someone who always motivated me and helped me with my study despite being a competitor.I do have many close  friends from university, but a name I can not miss is Jitendra. Two of them were my pillars. Our friendship is quite famous at college.



10. That is very beautiful to hear sister. University life is very beautiful filled with hardship but it is worth it in the end. I would like to congratulate you again. Moving on,

 You have been consistent throughout your life sister. How have you managed to do so? Could you please share with us your tips?


 I am the kind of person who appreciates all the little achievements in life but I don't limit myself to that. I believe that we should not settle for mountains because sky's the limit. So I keep pushing myself. Arrogance is the biggest hurdle to success. The moment we feel accomplished and perfect is the moment we stop growing. I tend to always look at myself as an amateur so that I can grow and improvise.

 Many people look at me with awe for being consistent throughout the years, but the thing is it has never been so easy for me too. I am not a person of extraordinary brilliance and whatever I have achieved is due to my sheer hard work. I remember skipping meals and drinking just juice during exam days because dinner would make me fall asleep and I had to stay awake for most hours during the night to cover up the entire syllabus. And also it is not just about working hard but working smart. We all have 24 hours in our life, how we use those hours determines our productivity. We need to make sure that our efforts are falling into the right place.


Very true sister. We only see the result but ignore the hard work behind it. It is definitely not easy as u said. We can see the sacrifice and dedication you have put with to get where you are right now and it is very inspiring to hear. Moving on,

11. Your hard work has excelled into great height. And as aforementioned you have won 4 gold medals. It is a huge achievement and I would like to sincerely congratulate you sister. How was your experience of that day?


We should not settle for mountains because sky's the limit- Dr Prativa Subedi Interview

That day is a very special and memorable  one for me . Of all the awards I had received , it was the biggest till date. While receiving the gold medal itself is a big honor, I was moreover receiving a gold medal as the overall topper of the batch. So, my entire family ( my parents and my brother) were there to witness and celebrate my big day. I have a big family photo of that day and my face brightens everytime I look at it.

Actually, I had an expectation of receiving four gold medals but then I got eight gold medals in total.I received three gold medals as the overall TU topper of the batch . As I reached the stage over and again to receive my medals, I could hear the applause getting louder. I remember Dr. Bhagwan Koirala told me, " You seemed to have received more medals than your neck can hold ". Above all ,I could feel a sense of pride in the eyes of my family and trust me, that smile of pride is the most precious thing in the world.


How beautiful it is to hear. I sincerely congratulate you sister and wish you best for your future. It is a beautiful thing to see your family proud because of you. Moving on,

12. Many of us look up to you as inspiration. What advice would you like to give as a senior?


All my juniors probably know by this time that MBBS isn’t an easy journey. It indeed needs a lot of hard work and sacrifice. When your friends will be enjoying themselves in the malls and theatres, you will have to be in the library. In order to have that devotion, you need to be highly motivated and passionate about this profession first. Always keep in mind that you are one of the noblest professions. Only when you respect and value this profession, you can have that drive to work hard.

Six years of training in med school is going to teach you a lot, not just about medicine but also about life. Being a good doctor is not just about being good in terms of knowledge, you need to be calm , compassionate and empathetic to the ailments of your patients. Make sure you learn these skills alongside when you are studying Guyton and Harrison.

You should aim to be successful but that should not be your ultimate goal. Try to be a person of substance and value first.

Try to be someone you can yourself look up to.


 And we have also found someone to look up to. Thank you sister.  I agree with your words "Try to be a person of substance and value first". Moving on,


13. A person can go far beyond the horizon with support. We would also like to know about your support system. Could you tell us about your support system?


We should not settle for mountains because sky's the limit- Dr Prativa Subedi Interview

My biggest support system are my friends and family. Mine is a small and happy family that comprises me, my parents and my brother. My mom left her job so that I and my brother could get the best studying environment. I never had  to do household chores. " I will handle everything at home, you better focus on your study and passion and not worry about home. " she would always say. My mother is undoubtedly the best home maker. My dad on the other hand is my biggest inspiration in life, the role model I look up to. The most hardworking man I know ,who never ceases to amaze me with all the varied works he does apart from his own professional obligations. I think it is his genes that make me aspire more in life and work hard to achieve the goals I set for myself. If a man born in a remote village could achieve so much in life all on his own, I have no right to make an excuse for stepping back . Then comes the little one, my dearest brother Pratik. Despite being five years junior to me , he has actually been my guide. He is my critic , my mood uplifter and my strongest support system.In fact he even suggests me resources to study. No wonder, the young generation is much smarter than us.


Apart from having a very supportive family, I have been blessed with the best of my friends. Be it in plus 2 or MBBS or now as a medical officer, I have always had the best companies/ colleagues who have always pushed me for better. There were times when I felt low, times when I doubted my capability , times when I felt I could not go any further, but during all those times they stood strong by my side. Without them, I could not have achieved even half of what I have till date. I take this opportunity to thank everyone, who in seen and unseen forms, have helped me in the journey of my life.


 That is very beautiful to hear from my sister. You are very lucky to have such a beautiful and supportive support system. I would like to thank your support system as well in shaping you into what you are right now. Moving on,


14. There are days when we cannot motivate ourselves. What do you do to motivate yourself during those days?


I am a very positive and optimistic person. But at the same time, I am very sensitive and I have my own set of insecurities. There are times when I have extremes of anxiety. I mostly share it with my friends and family at that time. That not only provides an outlet to my emotions, but they also come up with solutions to help me combat my stressors and the hurdles on my way. I read motivating pieces of writing and listen to soothing music. Having said that, I however believe that we ourselves are the ultimate problem solvers for ourselves and no motivation is greater than self motivation. So I take a break out of all the chaos and take some time for myself to muse over past , present and future. As someone who is a firm believer of the principle that the fruit of hard work is always sweet, I tend to contemplate happiness after getting what I had been longing for. I try to make myself believe that no matter what happens in life, it will be the best of what God has planned for me. Even the rough roads in between are just a gateway to a  beautiful destination.That Positive Thinking gives me a drive to keep going.


 I agree with you.  Sharing your problem with your loved ones ease the burden you have been carrying yourself. Break does make a difference in our daily life and we are our biggest motivator. I hope our readers will also find helpful tips. Moving on,


15. What is satisfaction? Is it more in work or in result?


I think it is both. I would not lie to myself and say that it is just the work. But at the same time, it is not always the result too. I will never be satisfied even with an extraordinary result if I feel that I am not worthy of it or if I have not worked sufficiently hard for it. But when I achieve something out of my own calibre and  toil, I am  more than happy. And I feel the result is not always tangible or visible. Sometimes you may fail, but you may still be appreciated for your courage, hardwork and dedication. That is also success. Sometimes a small gesture by someone can make you feel accomplished.  I think when we put our heart and soul into what we do, we love everything about it , from work to result.


  Very true sister. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful wisdom. Moving on, 

16. Since our readers are in different years of MBBS, what would you like to advise in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and intern year?


1st year- Make sure you choose the right book. Be in constant touch with your seniors, immediate seniors in particular. No one can be a better guide to you. Be very attentive in your practical classes. Unlike in +2, practicals are going to be of utmost priority now. Do not underestimate Community Medicine. Make a study habit right from the first day.This journey is going to be long and tough, prepare yourself mentally for it.


2nd year- The curriculum is very bulky, you have to cover so many systems this year. So this definitely cannot be overcome by overnight study, you need to be more consistent. You need to be more strategic and focus on the marks distribution to prioritize your time.CVS is particularly hard and most students slip here. So give more focus to it.  Your basics are your foundation for the clinicals.So make sure your core concepts are clear during this time.


3rd year- Now is the time where you can actually focus on something other than study. Try to engage yourself in extracurricular activities, you can join an organization too. Many will call this period " honeymoon year". But I would tell you not to take this period too lightly as well.If you don't study at all in third year, you will face the brunt in final year. Your self confidence will be very low.So, at least do cover important topics in third year itself.


4th year- This is personally my favourite year where you can make a balance of everything. If you are really passionate about something and did not have enough time for it during med school, now is your time. This is the best time to involve yourself in research activities. The community field trip after fourth year will also be one of the most memorable and cherishable days from your college.


Final year: This is the toughest of all. You better leave everything aside and set yourself for the biggest struggle till date. One month long exams will be the toughest time of your life. You need to learn to be patient, tolerant and dedicated. Practicals are very very crucial.So please be sincere in the morning conference, round and bedside classes. Be proactive in terms of history taking and examination.

 Thank you sister. It will be helpful to not only me but also our readers. Moving on,


17. There are days when things happen beyond our expectations. We are bound to fail at some part of our life. Have you experienced any such failures? How have you bounced back from failure?


Yes, I have. Many people don't know about it. They think I have never encountered failures and that my journey has been very smooth. But I have also failed, broken and given up at one point of time. I had just stepped into third year, the beginning of clinicals. Basic science was great, but I don't know why I had a deep rooted phobia that I would not be able to do good in the clinicals right from the time I joined med school. That was probably because my hand skills were not good. My overthinking and low self esteem turned me from a proactive student to a shy , quivering one in the clinical postings. I would hesitate to speak up. It changed my outlook towards myself. I had been trapped into such a vicious cycle that I even could not dare to appear in the first internal theory paper of medicine and I skipped the exam. I know it might sound absurd to you worrying and demeaning oneself for no apparent reason but that's what happens with overthinkers I guess.  All thanks to my roommate, my best friend who did all ways possible to help uplift my morale. I slowly learnt to overcome my fear and prejudice. I eventually happened to be the college topper in that year too. Having gone through that low phase of life, I then bounced back to a stronger , better and more optimistic person.


It is quite touching to hear your story sister. We would have never known for we can only see the outcome of your hard work but failure is very common in anyone’s journey. It shows failure is not the end and I am awed by how you bounced back from failure. It will inspire us in our journey as well. 

18. I have always seen you optimistic and full of life. I would like to know your secret. Could you tell us?


I strongly believe in the power of positive thinking. Positive thoughts lead to positive outcomes, it is a mirror effect in fact. If you wake up with the feeling that your day will be a good one, you eventually have a happy and satisfying day . But when you wake up in a bad mood, your whole day is full of mess. So keeping yourself positive and happy is the key to inviting and embracing happiness in life. That is my guiding principle. But having said that, it is not always easy to adhere to this idea. Like everyone else, I also feel very anxious and abject many times but then I remember my principles and amass the same energy again.


Thank you for passing your energy to us as well. I hope all of us have felt more energized now. Moving on,

19. We learn as we grow. If given the chance what would you like to advise your own younger version?


 Skills are better and quicker learned when done at a younger age. Try to learn all skills, be it cycling or swimming or playing an instrument or public speaking and learning computer skills. Try to learn them when young. A skill learnt will always be of use, it will make you a holistic person in fact. 

Moreover, life will get busier as you age and you will regret not trying it when young .Do not live with regrets. Do all that you aspire to. Live life to your fullest. Take all the challenges.  Never hesitate on anything. Aim for the moon and keep chasing your dreams.


 Thank you sister. It will serve as a beautiful reminder to us as well to dedicate time in gathering skills and living life to fullest. We are bounded by our own judgements and forget about this. Thank you for reminding. Moving on, 


20. You have such beautiful expressing skills. Our readers may not know but Dr Prativa has won many oratory competitions. She actively advocates in different issues. So, I would like to ask you how important is speaking up and what we can do to enhance our expressing ability?

We should not settle for mountains because sky's the limit- Dr Prativa Subedi Interview

Speaking up is a way to  inspire,  influence and empower. As responsible citizens, we need to become the voice of the voiceless. Only when we have the audacity to speak against the wrong, we can uproot  the existing malpractices, oppression and injustice. Moreover, speaking up has a ripple effect. When one speaks, it gives the courage to speak up to others too. I have therefore recently started a youtube channel and begun a podcast on sexual harassment.

In order to be able to express yourself well, it is important for you to be genuine and honest. Words become powerful only when they come from the heart, or else they just sound fabricated. Also important to keep it simple. Simple words, simple examples can help connect with the common people.


Thank you sister. Speaking up is hard but standing up for the right issue is more important than the fear. However it is not easy as it takes a lot of courage and I sincerely applaud you and the victims you have come forward to share their stories. Moving on,

21. What do you do in free time to make  yourself feel grounded after studying for long hours?


Now as I am living in the countryside, travelling has been my leisure pursuit. I travel to the woods ,the cliff and the simmering rivers. There cannot be a better escape from the everyday hustle of life. What a fortune it is to have the privilege to reach such beautiful destinations in a matter of less than an hour. While nature gives a sense of peace and tranquility, it also teaches compassion , endurance and tenacity.


That is very beautiful to hear sister. I remember my teacher saying back in school, a bird doesn’t sing for itself, a river doesn’t flow for itself, a flower doesn’t bloom for itself but for us to admire the beauty of nature. Thank you for sharing your views. It will help us while unwinding ourselves. Moving on,


22. What do you look forward to now? What are your aspirations? 


I aspire to pursue postgraduate education in Medicine in an esteemed institute. While I wish to set an example as a clinician, I also want to be a social activist and make a difference in people's lives through tangible and intangible ways. I specifically want to work in areas of women empowerment and mental health. One of my aspirations that not many people know is to become a motivational speaker. I hope my dream shall come true someday.


 It will sister and I sincerely wish you all the best.

Moving on the important question that we all want to know,


23. What is your life philosophy?


I am a dreamer. I believe that we should always aim high and never belittle ourselves. We are actually stronger and more capable than we think of. Always aim for the moon. But having said that, we should not forget our roots. It is very important to stay grounded. Your success should never be a seed of arrogance , rather an impetus to thrive more.


How beautiful philosophy. It reflects you as a whole, the person that I know. Thank you sister for guiding us for our journey as well. Now,

24.  Coming to present, 

 Being a doctor is a beautiful feeling. Could you share with us any beautiful memories working as a medical officer?


A sick looking pregnant female had come to our hospital a couple of weeks back around 32 weeks of gestation. She was in full blown sepsis with AKI with ketosis. When she came to know after ultrasound that the little baby in her womb had died, she was completely broken. Considering the severity of her illness, we referred her to a tertiary centre. But due to financial constraints they refused even after we agreed to give them transportation cost. They rather insisted on going home. I then admitted her to our hospital and provided all the treatment free of cost. She was mentally disturbed  and would not talk to anyone. " I don't want to stay here. I dont care even if I die".she always said. I visited her twice every day and counseled her about the need of treatment. I convinced her to stay and luckily she was improving as well.After four days, when her reports were all normal, I said that she could now go home. " Oh, will you let me go to my home? I thought you were planning me at yours." she chuckled. 

"But my home is in Kathmandu. Will you stay there with me?"I said.

" Of course I would. But you stay here so there is no point me going to kathmandu. I will come to visit you often here" she replied.

That transformation from someone who is so sick and broken to healthy and happy is something I shall always remember because I feel that I also have a share in this transformation.


It was sad but with a beautiful ending sister. It shows the health scenario in our rural settings which can be filled with despair but still what we can do something from our side to make difference in another’s life. I hope she is doing well now and I hope you keep on touching the hearts of others as you have been doing so.



25. We are coming to the end of the interview. You have beautifully shared your experiences. Anything you would like to say in the end?


2020 has been hard for all. In this time of pandemic, we all are going through mental stress and breakdown. But we should all stand together in this battle . Stigma against the infected and health workers is adding to the plight.  Let's not spread hatred about covid positive people because eventually we shall also be in the same shoes. And let’s respect and appreciate our health workers who have been risking their lives to save ours.


We should not settle for mountains because sky's the limit- Dr Prativa Subedi Interview

Thank you sister very much. It has been very insightful to have you here. Your wisdom and advice will stay with us and will guide us in our own journey. We would like to hear from you again more in future.  Thank you again and we wish you all the best in your future endeavours. You can reach Dr. Prativa at her Instagram and her Youtube channel. Thank you. This is part 2 of Inspirational Interview Series. If you like the series, stay updated with my blog through Facebook Page. Thank you. See you again next time. 



  1. What a great story teller- Dr. Subedi. A complete dose for any dreamers out there. Wonderful! #AimHigh