Hi I am Akriti, Welcome to my blog.  I love writing and helping others. I firmly believe life is what we make of it. And I do write poetry too. I really loved writing since when I was young. Actually opening a blog was on my mind since last 10 years but now I am finally here. And in this blog, I will be sharing with you on motivation, productivity and study tips since I am a student. But I believe life is much more to than just having a career. So, I also focus and write mainly on self growth, emotional healing and inspiration. Come with me as I take you on this journey what I learnt and I am glad to share with you. Enjoy your time here. Thank you for reading. 

Acalmandsoulfullife.com is a site where you can get insights on self growth, motivation, productivity, positivity, balancing life and working towards creating a better life as I share with you what I learnt throughout my journey alongside sharing my own writings.