It wasn’t amid the woods

Like you see in the tales

Where you see smokes

Coming out of chimneys

It wasn’t that
But as cozy as that

I can tell you

It wasn’t on the top of the mountains either

Where the cool wind blows a lullaby

Onto your ears

Where you dance among the clouds

Paralyzed by the scenic beauty

It wasn’t that either

But as pliable as that

I can tell you

It wasn’t in the countryside either

Where you hear crickets chirping

Cattles mooing

And the beautiful smell of red mud 

It wasn’t that either

But as mellow as that

I can tell you

But it was when I started feeling this

Flower petals within me

Silencing the racing heart

A soft tune playing within 

Spreading into a smile

It was then I realized

I have reached here again

I gasped in surprise

It wasn’t visible in my sight

Nor did I knew the way

Had tried searching the route relentlessly

Unable to find it, was I lost

There were no signboards

Neither milestones

Nor welcome boards

Luck came and I ended up here

It must be, I thought myself

Otherwise, how would I?

Must be a pure luck

Because if I knew the way

I would have come long ago

Or it wasn’t just luck?

I thought to myself again

Because I may have missed the timing

But I always return back to here

As I breathe in a sense of relief

It was uncanny, it was obvious

And I had worried for nothing all this time

The noises blurred my vision

Stirring up the pangs of anxiety of the unknown

Thinking I could never get here again

But here I am again

I smiled to myself

I always come back here somehow

I couldn’t deny it, it was the truth

Because no matter how further I swayed

No matter how rocky the boat was

No matter how scared I felt

No matter how many thunderstorms I have seen

I have reached here again


There is nothing here

But a vacant space

And an eternal beautiful silence, 

This is where it lies

This cottage

A part of me

No wonder I end up returning here

No wonder I find comfort returning here

Because this is where I should be

Back to my home

Back to myself