A Soul Full of Life

Go relentlessly into this unknown
Explore the horizon and broaden it more
Face fear like a warrior
Wear smile and stretch it wide
Go on with your life
With hope, so much of it.

Doubts will come, oh traveler
Let it come and let it go
But don’t let it paralyze you
Savor each and every moment
Living endlessly, bettering each day

Some people will not believe you
Sad it is, isn’t it?
It will matter sometimes, sometimes it won’t
But have so strong faith in yourself and always
Never be ashamed of who you are
Accept yourself fully 
And don't be afraid of expressing it fully too

A Soul Full of Life

Have so much passion
People get scared looking at you
Let people doubt your sanity
For you know where you are going
Embrace the beauty of your existence
Be open to learn more
Be open enough to let some room for mistakes
And pick yourself and learn from it
Keep improving through mistakes
And don’t let it get to the better of you

Love more
Thrive more
Breathe in breathe out
Take rest in between
And keep going living more in present
Life is to there to be lived
And all we have is what we have now

A Soul Full of Life

So, Be a soul so full of life
That people have to stop and stare
Be a soul so full of life
Living each moment as if it is the last one
Be a soul so full of life
That you feel proud of yourself
Be a soul so full of life
For this is the one life that you have.