The untainted

I might be naive

To believe into stories

Of fairies, angels, dreams, stars

I might be naive

To stare into sky

And admire its vast beauty

I might be naive

To fall for songs

And feel along with the singer

I might be naive

To weave words by words

Into long thread

Just so I could express 

These feelings well

And that too I couldn’t fully

I might be naive

I might be untainted

For feeling this much

I might be naive

I might be untainted 

For this world

But I am happy

I am truly happy

I couldn’t wish more

Let me be me

Let me fall into this slumber

Don’t worry I will wake up

If you are afraid

Don’t worry I will be fine

If you are concerned

Don’t worry I am perfectly fine

It is just a part of me 

That you didn’t know well

That I’ve lived with long enough

Let her dream

I can catch her, don’t worry

Let her love

I will withstand the pain, don’t worry

Let her love fully 

Let her be called crazy

Let her be out of your standards

Let her be disillusioned

Let her be disgrace to you

I wouldn't mind

It is fine with me

I am perfectly fine

I can take the blame

Let her love

Let her love fully

I will protect her, don’t worry
Let her just be her

Don't worry she isn't alien

She is me after all

A human like you

I can look after her, don't worry

She has someone stronger

To lean on, to rely on

Don't get worried

She doesn't need to be corrupted

To survive, she is fine

She is doing great

I can assure you

Because I have started feeling

I have started to see beauty

In smallest of small thing

I have started to feel more calm

I have started to smile more

I have started to breathe deeply

And I am happy

More than I could ever be

For I found solace in this untainted

That I wouldn't want to taint