The way you think about yourself


Change your thoughts

Much of our daily life passes in a blink of eyes as we mindlessly go around doing our usual stuff without much thinking. In the perfect auto pilot mode. We repeatedly do what we have been doing without any thoughts without any questions. Like a zombie. So, I think now it is safe to assume that we don’t think a lot. Or is my assumption wrong? Do we really not think that much? I will go against my own assumption. Because even though we function in autopilot mode, we are not the one who doesn’t think at all. Rather, we think way more than we want to admit to. We are somewhat ashamed that we think a lot, we care a lot, we are distracted a lot, we feel a lot. Yet, we don’t know exactly what we are conforming to, what we are believing to. Are we doing the thinking?  Or is thinking doing something to us? Or is someone doing the thinking for us? We don’t know exactly. We are in this autopilot mode, in this trance, how would we possibly know right? Let’s let it remain like this. It is not harming us that much. But little do we know. 


Little do we know that we have slowly, unknowingly fallen into this trap. While questioning are we doing the thinking (question number 1), we have already been done by the thinking. The answer to the second question. Because we have already landed in this territory of someone doing the thinking for us (answer to question number 3) but still operating on autopilot mode that we are malfunctioning badly in our day to day life. 


Another question is, How come someone else is doing the thinking for us? I know it sounds ridiculous but we have already submitted ourselves to it. We shrink so that we won’t get noticed, we speak quietly in fear that someone says we are loud, we try to take many pictures until we get the perfect one, we are stuck between fitting the aesthetic and disregarding ourselves as aesthetic. We readily believe what others have to say to ourselves. We are held in doubt that anything outside the boundary means we are challenging what others have belief in us. Slowly and slowly, we stop listening to what we truly want and rather give into what others want. And that necessarily doesn’t mean it is for good. Service is not bad.But this type of thinking is not serving rather it is damaging.  There  are many instances in our daily life, the small details that we have neglected, that we have unfortunately fallen prey to. 


These are not something that we have surrendered to volunteeringly rather are something that have happened subconsciously. And it is often overlooked. We are very scared. We are very scared now of what others think of us. We are scared to try things. We are scared even to pursue what we really want. We are scared that we will be judged. We are scared that we will never be good enough. We are scared that no matter how good we try, there are people going around trying to destroy us and take the best out of us. We feel like we owe something to others and we will try our hardest to meet it without even getting the reciprocation out of it. Who is doing the thinking here? Is it us or is it others? Is it really you or is it others? Are you becoming who you want to be or are you becoming someone that others want to be? Are you happy or are you down in misery? Ask yourself are you becoming the one you think to be or are you becoming the one the others think you to be? Are you held by your own doubts or of others? Are you giving up your dreams because of your wish or because of others' judgement? Have you inevitably become someone from someone else's imagination? Ask yourself. Are you the one who is doing the thinking or is it others? And ask yourself, is this the person that you want to become? If not, what are you going to do? The way you are thinking of yourself does not always mean it is your own thinking. Sometimes, it is the thinking of others that we feel like it is our own. We have been conditioned. We have been conforming it. Thinking may have seemed like a harmless thing to us before but looking at our situation now, we can say it is not that harmless. It was never harmless to begin with. Because our thinking can manifest into our behaviors and our actions and those actions into our life. We believe what we think about ourselves. So, ask yourself, is your thinking doing something to you? Is it your thinking or is it of others? And the main question, are you transforming into someone just to fit the narrative of someone else? Are you happy or are you not? If not, what are you going to do about it? 


It is likely, we would want to be someone of our own dreams rather than of others. Although our actions don’t match our thinking entirely, we still do want us to have life that we have imagined it to be, reaching our full potential and living each day fully without overwhelming ourselves by the constant pursuit of standards set by others. Thus, it is helpful to be mindful about these things, the way we think ourselves because in the end we become what we think of ourselves to be. So, ask yourself, are you doing this for yourself or is it because you want to fit someone else's narrative? What are your urgency? What are your priorities? What are your dreams? What are your aspirations? What is the thing that you want to do? What is the thing you don’t want to do? What are the things you are doing?  What are the things you aren’t doing? Is it because of your own will or is it because of fear of others? Are you becoming the loser on your own terms or on others’ terms? Ask yourself is this the thing you want or is it not? And if it is not, ask how are you going to change that? Will you become the one you want to be or the one others want you to be? Ask yourself, are you slowly becoming the one you want to be or the one others want you to be? Are your actions aligned with your own belief or with the belief of others? And ask yourself, is this the way you want or is this not? If not, it is time to change your thinking, change the way you have been behaving and change the way you have been doing things. 

Be your own person. Be the person you have always visioned yourself to be, long before these opinions even existed. Go for what you have been always wanting. This time do it for yourself not for others. That way you will claim back the power that has been given off else where. That has been controlling over you. Because whatever you give power to, will hold power over you. And it is never too late. It is still there, in your hand, what you will give your power to that will eventually hold power over you life. Ask yourself what do you want to give power to? Quite astonishingly, we may realise sometimes the things that we have been giving power to in our daily life, are not worthy in the first place to give our power to and not worthy in the long run to give power to as well. We could do well without them. It became powerful just because we made it to be. Now the question arises, What do you want to give power to? Who is doing the thinking? You or others? And are you happy the way things are happening? Is this the person you visioned yourself to be? Are your actions aligned with your thinking or with the thinking of others? If not, who do you want to become? Whom do you want to think over your life? Yourself or the others?